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About Joost

Up to his 26th year, Joost Rigter could see. Today he sees only 0.8 percent. A rare ophthalmologic disorder made Joost nearly blind within ten years. It meant a total change; nothing would be the same again. But is life now less beautiful? Absolutely not, according to Joost. Different, but also very beautiful. This finding is now the core of the lectures of Joost Rigter. A unique, but very recognisable story about change.

The workshop

How do you deal with change? How do you find the light in the dark? How do daring, humour, acceptance and confidence ensure that obstacles really are much smaller than they seem? Joost takes you along during his lecture and literally shows you. Because, ‘there is always just a light switch somewhere’, according to Joost. The vision of Joost Rigter is an eye opener, his lectures are an experience and a source of inspiration. That explains the popularity of Joost as a speaker for businesses, both nationally and internationally. From Shell to Walt Disney, from Deloitte to KLM and from the UWV to ABN AMRO, his story fits with every company. Experience it yourself? Please contact

“Dear Joost, with a lot of appreciation and admiration our team will talk about your story. You have unleashed a lot by including us (1200 people in 7 meetings) in the big change in your life, how you stepped out of “the comfort zone” and how you look positively in life. There are many parallels with how “we” must change / step out of the comfort zone in order to grow in the very fast changing world. Thank you for your inspiring contribution. “